OpenAI PAA & Amazon Wordpress Autoblogging SaaS Platform

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What To Expect

Core Features

Create WooCommerce Based Amazon Affiliate Websites

  • Import Amazon product ASIN IDs, and create a unique product page for each ASIN

    • Collect ASINs from UI, by doing – Term, Category, Department Search, or import your own ‘Plain ASIN list’

    • Scrape product images, weight, size, descriptions, price

    • Automated category creation
    • Scrape Amazon product URLs, and add your Amazon Associate Affiliate Tags

  • Works with all 20 different Amazon Global Marketplaces

    • Import products from any foreign marketplace & auto-translate with Translations APIs + paraphrase & summarize product descriptions with OpenAI

  • Include product-related Youtube videos
  • Include product-related PAA Questions & Answers

    • Paraphrase Questions or Answers with OpenAI

    • Translate with any of the supported translation APIs

Create Wordpress Autoblog PAA Websites

  • Create unique WordPress AI auto blogs, by scraping Google search result snippets & PAA Questions & Answers

  • Complete flexibility on output blog post structure:

    • Add X amount of related Youtube videos

    • Add X amount of related Google Images

    • Use X amount of first-page Google snippets for OpenAI content processing

    • Works with any input keywords/language, as long as it’s supported by Translation APIs

    • Specify what country/locale Google search engine to use – highly improve uniqueness of scraped SERP results

  • OpenAI-generated Blog Titles, tags, and categories, based on blog post context

  • Create auto blogs in 110+ supported languages

Key Agile Functionality

  • Endless possibilities in Template & Task Manager settings, that guarantee, that each SaaS user can put a unique twist to their blog creation process

  • Create Autoblogs in different languages! 27 Languages (with Deepl API), 110+ Languages (with NLP API), and 10+ languages (with OpenAI API)

  • Customize all API-supported OpenAI prompt & model settings, from UI

  • WordPress Blog supported template variables – {snippet}{youtube_video}{paa_question}{paa_answer}{image}

  • WooCommerce supported template variables – {title}{description}{categories}{features}{brand}{weight}{dimensions}{overview}{asin}{extra_info}{product_url}{youtube_video}{openai_description}{paa}

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Future Updates

We are constantly working on platform improvements. Here are some of the updates in the development timeline:

  • Additional API integrations, for post & featured images.Unsplash.com, Pixabay.com, Pexels.com, DALL·E 2, Midjourney
  • SEO optimized imagesAutomated image compression & rename based on 'input keywords'
  • Selenium + Proxy + Captcha Support for SERP ScrapingAlternative solution for scraping Google snippets & Peope Also Ask (PAA Questions & Answers). Bing.com support.
  • Google & Youtube Autocomplete Results ScrapingFunction to edit/save scraped keyword lists, and forward to ‘WP Blog Task Manager’ & check keyword statistic with 'Keywords Everywhere API'
  • Spell checking integration on last stepGrammarly.com API integration

RankPress - v2.0 Stable Release.

  • ‘RankPress’ V2.0. Stable Release – January 2023. New features, and bug fixes:
    • Support of NLP Translation API
    • Support of OpenAI Translation
    • Automated Blog Title, categories & tags generation
    • Small bug fixes
  • ‘RankPress’ V1.0. Release Date – December 2022.

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